Absolute black

An easy technique to apply  black eye-pencil  at the  upper inner rim  of your eye! 

100703 0059  Photo by Yannis Sotiropoulos / Makeup by Antigoni Livieratou


 For an absolutely dramatic effect 

-first step: apply black eye-pencil to the lower inner rim of your eye.
-close eyes very tight!
-you will now be able to notice that your upper inner rim of your eye is dyed black too!
-repeat first step (and second step for an even more intense effect!).
-smudge any product excess at your skin around the eye with a sponge smudge tool or a cotton pad.
-apply a layer of black eye-shadow.
-apply mascara.

Proceed with the rest of the makeup as desired!

If you are generally confident in applying makeup, you could always apply the eye-pencil straight to your upper inner rim!


The products you use should be made by a good quality brand and should be hypoallergenic and paraben-free if possible.
Always make sure you sharpen (for
hygiene purposes!) the eye-pencil just before each usage and softly tab its nose on the back of your hand to make it soft and less pointy!
If you have sensitive eyes you'd better avoid an eye-pencil and use natural Arabic Kohl instead!
Also, for prolonging a good eye-health and in order not to irritate and damage your eyes, always remember that this tecnique should be used just once in a while for a special occasion and
not be part of your daily routine!

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bridal makeup & hair: from the red carpet

Calling all brides-to-be !

This time of the year you would propably getting ready for your wedding. Some of you certainly would be trying to imagine yourself walking down the isle, step by step towards the man of your life. And most of all, you will be straining to picture your dress, your make-up and your hairstyling on that big moment!

Therefore, straight from the red carpet and the Oscars, I have collected for your inspiration three different looks that might as well have been bridal ones!

  20160302A2  20160302A3

Rooney Mara wearing a Givenchy couture gown.

Make-up: Perfect complexion and contoured face. Soft grey eye-shadow with purple undertones that clearly make her green eyes stand out. Finally emphasizing on the deep ruby-red lips.

Hair: Vintage low chignon with a modern twist to it, nicely structured to compliment the angles of the face.

Total look: romantic and modern with a vintage feeling. Bridal look perfect for a winter or a spring bride.



20160302B2  20160302B3

Daisy Ridley in an embellished Chanel couture gown.

Make-up: Glowing complexion and very softly contoured face. Soft eye-shadow and thin eye-liner defining the eyes. Emphasis is on the rosy-red lips.

Hair: Classic updo created by strucrured knots. Completely invisible from the front, makes a statement from the back!

Total look: Modern with a classic touch to it. Bridal look perfect for a spring or summer bride.


20160302C2   20160302C3



Olivia Wilde in a Valentino couture gown.

Make-up: Perfect complexion. Soft smokey eyes in warm tones. Black eye-liner giving depth to the eyes. Nude lips defined with lip pencil.

Hair: Braided garland at the rim of the hairline that embraces the head ending on a braided low chignon at the back.

Total look: Grecian goddess wiht boho chic details. Bridal look perfect for a summer or a autumn bride.


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Images from VOGUE

bridal makeup tips: glitter glam glow

Fairy glitter on your wedding look! Yes or No ?


I have repeatedly tried to explain that glitter on a bridal look is a big NO! They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I thought this one makes the perfect example. Let me explain why.


Quoting VOGUE: "At Burberry, Wendy Rowe smudged kohl into the lash line and then diffused glitter from the outer corners of some models' eyes."


And this have worked fantastically for the runway, but it never does on a wedding.


Take a look at this picture. Wouldn't you love a fairy touch on your face? Well the camera flash will certainly not. The glitter will become tiny mirrors reflecting every camera flash and ruin your pictures! Therefore, as long as you wish not for small white dots on your bridal photos, you might stay well away from any glittery products!

Backstage at Burberry - Autumn/Winter 2016. 
Image from Indigital

makep tips for your lips only

How many times have you paused after finishing your eye make-up and wondered.. which lipstick shall I choose now? 

DSCN2636edited01 96 400x600 

Could you possibly guess the shade of the lipstick that I chose?

A fresh and innocent pink, that is. One that goes with my uplifting mood this spring!

But, what does it take for a lipstick to be the perfect one?

Let's see...

DSC02576 1s edit

MemyVanityMirror col3e

First of all I advice you when starting your make-up, do ask yourself "which one of my features would I like to enhance, my eyes or my lips?". And always maintain a balance between them. Meaning, if you go for bold lips, do keep your eye make-up discreet and vice versa. This way your makeup will always look contemporary and not as if it came out of a different era!

In this case I chose a smokey eye make-up, medium in tensity and therefore I chose quite a fair-hued lipstick. I also wanted it to be vivid and fresh, and here came the cool pink tone on my lips. To add the finishing touch I topped it up with some lip gloss, since I have used matte eye shadows. I will keep repeating this constantly: make-up has texture, not just colour ! So, I chose to add some shine to my lips.



Tip! Always apply your lipstick first and add your blush afterwards. This way you will easily choose the correct hue and the intensity that should have.


To sum it up, three factors control the correct hue of our lipstick: the color of our eyes, our skin tone and our hair color !


If you have green, grey or blue eyes, choose a lipstick in cool tones, or in other words a shade that incorporates blue in it. Same applies if your skin tone has pink undertones.

For golden complexions and brown eyes choose a lipstick in warm tones, or in other words a shade that incorporates orange/red in it.

You might wonder why I opted for a cool toned lip color since I have brown eyes and a golden complexion. Here comes the "hair color" factor that I explained before! (Yes, this purple is true!).


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make-up trend ! hot lips

How about dazzling them all? One of the biggest trends for Summer 2014 is the bright and vivid lipstick colors!


If you feel bold, choose the new hot color of the summer season: orange. It domitated the catwalk shows at New York fashion week, and it's a must-wear regardless the colors of your clothes. If you prefer to feel safe, apply it discreetly by dubbing it softly over your lips, or use a transparent lipstick or a coral-toned lip gloss.

Tip! In the morning avoid lip linners in order to have a more subtle result!

20140426c68db303ef3f615681b73d404011bfa7 20140426PrabalGURUNG01 20140426RagBone
   Photos from Style.com


If you are considering yourself to be more of the classical type of woman, choose a bold red lipstick, the color that dominated the catwalk shows at London fashion week. Make sure you choose the correct hue of red that compliments your skin tone. If you have a yellow-based complexion, choose a lipstick that has orange in it. If you have a pink complexion, the ones that have blue hues in them are the ones that suit you best.

Tip! Choose a bright red and avoid dark tones that are wintery and old fashioned (retro).

20140426LAntonioBerardi01  LMKATRANTZOU02 20140426LDuroOlowu01
 Photos from Style.com 

No matter what your choise is, keep your eye make-up clean and simple using a pensil or eye-liner and your mascara.

And always remember to choose your lipstick color considering your skin tone, the color of your eyes and at last the color of your hair! If you are not sure, always ask a professional make-up artist.